Oh Crap, Meteors! is an arcade-style highscore game.

It is basically all about shooting meteors
to prevent them from crashing into...
...well into the bottom of the screen :)

  • You'll get extra points for combos by shooting
    two or more meteors at (almost) the same time.
  • The anti-tractor-beam can slow down meteors and
    slowly replenishes your energy.
  • You lose if your energy level falls below 0%.
  • That's it.

  • Use the mouse to aim for the meteors.
  • Left click to fire an energy ball.
  • Right click to use the anti-tractor-beam.
  • You can change the mouse speed by hitting - or +
    on the num pad. (F6/F7 does the same).
  • Take a screenshot with F12.
  • Exit the game with ESC.

titlescreen random action screenshot

ocm.zip download